JULIE OBI (President) ACI Nigeria Alumni Chapter.

Fellow Changemakers,

It’s an honour for me to be present here tonight to accept the position of President (ACI Nigeria Alumni Chapter) an organisation with a proud past and an exciting future. As I refer to its proud past I wish to acknowledge the achievements of our outgoing president, Ms Tinuola Aina. We have benefitted so much from your term as president. Your leadership of the organisation was steady, assured and pragmatic but most of all had a clear vision for the changes that the ACI needed.   Your legacy is an International standard emulation that as to better position the organisation to be stronger with a vision and strategy suited to the times.

It is a vision and strategy that is right and necessary that befits the African ChangeMakers Initiative (ACI) – a global, professional network looking toward the 21st Century. Tinuola, thank you so much. And on behalf of us all within the ACI executives, I would like to present you with a gift of appreciation in due time.

And so, to the future.

Over the next one year we will continue to build on our strengths, but also take on new directions.

We will continue our programs that strengthen our professionalism – through education, webinars, training and resources sharing. We will also retain our commitment to solidarity, ensuring that our members that are less resourced can have more opportunities and assistance to develop the skills, the methods and operating frameworks required of a modern leader.

To ensure that all of us are able to perform our critical role: to protect, preserve and make accessible the records of humanity. We have a lot to offer to governments, business and to the broader community as they wrestle with the issues of the modern world and, if we do it right, I know our contributions will be welcomed and appreciated.

Of course there are many challenges ahead.  Almost all of us face difficult financial constraints and some of us are currently facing very tough national or local issues that affect our ability to achieve our potential. But let’s not forget we are a global organisation – united by our values and rich with talent.  If each of us puts in what we can, we will find that we can get back what we need – but also so much more on top of that.

My team and I have taking this Clarion call as an opportunity to provide

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Official ACF Team

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